The Ultimate Guide For Maximising The Value Of Leads

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You’re generating leads, but they’re not converting and you’re getting less out of the ones that do. What if you could change that? In this e-book, you’ll learn four steps to maximise the value of leads, including:

  • Segmenting your lists
  • Creating offers
  • Delivering and wowing
  • Getting referrals

Taking one small step can significantly improve your business’ health.

If you’re like most small businesses, you don’t have the labour resources that many large companies have. A personalised approach requires that you call, set up a meeting or send emails that are written directly to each lead. With the right technology in place, you can automate follow up and provide personalised responses based on actions by your leads and customers. When they click an offer in your email, you can follow up with a series of emails that drives them closer and closer to purchase. You can close deals and sell products to anyone, anywhere, anytime without physically being present. Small businesses that implement personalised automated follow up save time, convert leads into customers, increase revenue and improve the success of their business.

Why is maximising leads important?

The success of your small business relies on your ability and those that you employ to manage cashflow, minimise expenses and maximise time and resources.When you maximise the value of your leads, you can identify the right offer, deliver with excellence and gain happy customers who refer you to their
friends and colleagues.

The decision to maximise the value of your leads helps improve every metric described above. From cashflow management to resource allocation, the right strategy can help improve the overall health of your business. Perhaps more importantly, it allows you to serve your customers and potential customers better.

The Value of Follow up

Everyone starts out with the same number of contacts on their list, zero. Your list will grow as you provide value, advertise, gain social traction and earn referrals.

If you’re currently not following up with your leads, don’t feel bad. You’re in the majority. Most small businesses cite follow-up as one of the ten top sales and marketing challenges that they have according to customer survey.